Master Your Depression: A Black Woman's Guide to Emotional Wellness


Master Your Depression will help you to identify the many different ways that depression can show up in your life as a Black woman. For us, depression is not what is typically seen on television. It is self-neglect. It is disconnection from our body. It is experienced as the emotional pain that comes from living in an anti-black society. In this book you will be guided towards a better understanding of the external forces that have contributed to your experience of depression or emotional pain, how you have internalized them within you and how they show up in your life every day. As you explore this book, you can expect to find clarity as to the root causes of depression as experienced by Black women. You will also begin to learn the ways you can begin to heal from these experiences, so that you can begin move to forward with your life and reclaim your emotional and mental health. 


The Benefits To You...

  • Master Your Depression speaks to your emotional well-being as a Black woman in its complexity
  • It highlights that your emotional and mental well-being as a Black woman is not addressed in its proper social and cultural context which leads to emotional disconnection
  • We explore that the impact of oppression on your emotional health has been completely ignored
  • You'll learn about the historical legacy of ignoring our emotional needs and the impact left with us today
  • You will identify feelings of confusion and powerlessness you may experience due to being conditioned to minimize your feelings
  • You will learn some key emotions that are often ignored in Black women i.e., mood swings or feelings of numbness
  • After reading Master Your Depression you will experience greater clarity about your life and have a path to greater emotional well-being  
  • You will have tools to help you begin to take care of yourself in a kind and compassionate way

What Others Are Saying...

"This Book Is A Gem..."

"Share this will ALL your People! This book is a gem! Let's add this book written by a beautiful Black woman to the top of our book lists. It was written for US! I'm taking my time to give it my FULL attention today. Perfect timing, it's just the healing I need - and perfect for ALL black women. Reading this book is like a salve to the deep wounds of my heart. Black women, you deserve the sweet nurturing this book holds. I invite you to buy a copy and take an entire day off work, and soak up all this love straight into your heart. We need this. Thank you Sonia Ross, well done."

Venus A.

"It Was So Good..."

"It was sooooo good! I learned a lot and I loved the questions and the opportunity to reflect! The chapter that really stood out to me was when you were talking about as a way of coping with trauma, we learned to turn to other things like sex, alcohol, etc. That really hit home because it reminded me of that disconnection from self that we have developed over time. I also like that you wrote it from your heart. I didn't feel like you were trying to use all of these fancy big words. Everything made sense and was relatable and I feel like you broke it down really well."

Alishia M.

"A Roadmap for Women..."

"Master Your Depression is a roadmap for women who are working to increase their awareness of depression. It will deepen their understanding of the various ways depression can affect their physical and psychological wellbeing and help them to form a plan to reduce its negative impact on their life. Frank but compassionate, the author's writing style conveys a sense of genuine care for the reader and this connection empowers the reader to take action against toxic depression."

Amie K.

About the Author

Hi, I'm Sonia

I am a licensed clinical social worker, therapist and author. I am also a child abuse and sexual assault survivor. My own recovery from these experiences led me to write Master Your Depression: A Black Woman's Guide to Emotional Wellness.

I am the owner and founder of Full Circle Therapy Services - a holistic mental health practice that centers the emotional health of Black women recovering from intergenerational trauma. The work I do with these women I find sacred but working with women one-on-one wasn't enough for me. I wanted to reach more women and have a greater impact so that is why I wrote this book.

In my work I have supported women as they heal from depression, anxiety and other emotional wounds so that they could develop a more loving relationship with themselves. This has allowed them to release these experiences so that they could develop a more loving and compassionate relationship with themselves.

I was inspired to create my business and write my book because of the unique emotional needs of Black women that are often ignored. I understand this need due to my own experiences as a childhood trauma and sexual assault survivor and the years I put into my recovery process. I hope you will take this journey with me.

Here's to our healing...

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